Cornell Box tinkering

Cornell Box

Due to exploring Blenders external renderer i stumbled upon a nice scene from  Luxrender . In fact credit goes to A-Man .

cornell box from A-Man

I really like the mood.

So i made some Research with my current arsenal of Renderer (truly an ongoing process 😉 ).

First i wanted to see Luxrender in Action. This is a screenshot 1 Minute after start

Its CPU Bidirectional.

I imported the Scene to Thea Studio and got this after 1 minute rendering


Its CPU rendered with TR2

Interesting – it doesnt have the nice blueish absorption. But thats my fault 😉

I doubled the Resolution and give it 90 Minutes to cook.


Thea 90 Minutes.

Now i tried to see what Vray (for Blender) can do here. Without the EnvorinmentFog ist fast and you get it noisefree in under an hour (screenshot follows).


With Environment Fog i dont get it to render in reasonable time noisefree. This is about 40 min.


Vray 40 minutes.

Currently i inspect the fact that enabling Environment fog is doing some crazy sample Multiplication i cant think of.

I find this scene tricky because of the combination of Caustics/Radiosity/Volumetrics.


But i ll  get news to it soon 😉

happy wavin